Monday 15 August 2022

DBN - Plancenoit

It's been a while since my classic Napoleonics have had an outing so I got them out and played a quick solo DBN game using the Plancenoit scenario from DBNwargaming.

I used 50mm unit frontage so increased the table size to 30 by 30 inches and used 1.25" = 100 paces.

The Prussians opened the game with some effective counter battery fire with the first shot causing 2 hits and a shaken status on one of the French guns. Both French guns were destroyed by the end of turn 3.

With the French artillery destroyed their left wing is made up of a single unit of Hussars.

Plancenoit is defended by a unit of Alberken infantry. A detachment defends the cottage which represents the church.

Bulow pushes forward his troops in massed columns.

The French cavalry attack a unit of Prussian Light Cavalry.  Both units have 2 hits and are shaken so its winner takes all. The French win and get a breakthrough charge and hit the  leading unit of Prussian attack column who are able to form square and drive off the French cavalry and then destroy them with musketry.

On turn 6 the Young Guard reinforcements arrive and use a good CAP throw and STMs (Strategic Moves) to quickly reach Plancenoit.

Its turn 9 and the Prussians close on Plancenoit ready to launch an assault next turn.

A unit of Guard arrives on Turn 9 and moves up.

On turn 11 the Prussian assault goes in. The first column fails to break in. The second is however successful and takes Plancenoit.

On turn 11 the French Old Guard counter attacks. Both units count as in being in bad going. The French are on a 4 the Prussians regulars a 2. The French roll a 4 the Prussians a 6. The melee is a tie. Both sides take a hit and a the units are locked in a desperate melee. 

In Turn 12 the Prussians are able to take the Church ( a strongpoint in DBN). However even though the Old Guard are shaken they beat the Prussians regulars and recapture Plancenoit. On the final French turn the Young Guard storm and recapture the church. 

A french victory but it was close.

Another fun game of DBN.