Saturday 25 July 2020

1st KGL - first batch completed

I have got the first 10 figures of the 1st KGL completed. These have taken longer than anticipated as I have been distracted a bit and the fact that British are just fiddly to paint.

These figures are not originals however are pretty good castings and look the part.

I am now moving onto the 2nd batch of Infantry before finishing of with the command.

I have been distracted by the ACW. My first wargaming period with Airfix figures. I have a reasonably sized 28mm collection which I am slowly rebasing however I have recently bought some 10mm figures for the Altar of Freedom rules. My interest in the Western Theatre was re kindled after my visit to Chickamauga and Kennesaw Mountain last year.

These are 10mm Blaze Away figures. After painting these chaps it made my Napoleonic 20mm figures look huge.

Saturday 4 July 2020

Hinton Hunt Paint Along - 1st KGL Infantry - work in progress.

Along with Stryker of the Hinton Hint Vintage Wargame Figure blog ( last month we both completed a French Old Guard unit.

For our next synchorinesed Paint Along we have decided to both do a British unit.

For my unit I have selected the 1st KGL Line Infantry. The Infantry have been cast from a converted BN7 British Infantryman with the arms adjusted and musket added.  The officer, standard bearer, drummer and fifer will be original figures.

These figures had been painted and I decided on a paint restoration rather than a full bleach strip and clean. The command however I have stripped off the old paint and will get the  full treatment.

The first ten are well underway with main colours refreshed and the belts etc painted black. I have now started the white. This is fiddly and will require touch up particularly the piping on the collars. It takes about 10 minutes to do just the white on each figure. In all it takes up to 2 hours to paint one per figure.

I hope to complete the unit by the end of July.