Tuesday 23 October 2012

Return to Petreville

We played the second Petreville scenario from the Annexation of Chriaz using the Charge Rules.  This is a hard game for the relief force as not only are the numbers evenly matched by their attack is constrained by the narrow terrain 

General D'Euan pushes the bulk of the Duchy of Calvados forces forward but decides to advance on both sides of the River Cressay and use the South Bridge to re unite his forces for the final assault. 

The action hots up on both sides of the river. The Sbrinz are able to drive back the Calvadorian skirmishers but are unable to stop the Livarot Regiment as they are driven off with 50% loses. 

In the centre the Royal Boussin trade volleys with the Leibgarden.

'Advance' cries Colonel Roux as he leads forward the Bechemel Hussars to the attack

The Hock Regiment forms up ready for the Hussars attack 

However the Dolcelatte Dragoons counter charge and after 2 furious rounds of melee drive the Hussars back.  

In the final action of the battle the Livarot cross South Bridge form up and advance against the factory only to be blown away by a tremendous volley from the combined grenadiers companies garrisoning the works. 

General D'Euan decides to pull back his battered forces and call it a day. 

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Blasthof Bridge

Having finished the second Petreville game on Friday (report to follow) my son Max was keen to play a  game. I decided to reach for the classics as being the right way to introduce him to Horse and Musket gaming. So we set up Blasthof Bridge, from Charge, and again used the elementary Charge rules as with our previous game.  

Max took command of the Imperial army and the role of Kornberg the dashing, impetuous, cavalryman.  The Imperial army deployed as per the book.  

I took command of the Electoral army and took on the demeanour and countance of this much maligned warrior - Soubise. 

For this game I offered very little advise to the young pretender but he showed a sound judgement. He  moved all his cavalry across the River Blast to form, in his words, 'one big unit of cavalry so he could beat mine'    

With movement stick in hand he moved his troops around with a the air of a pro. The stick was marked in 6 inch bands. None of those new fangled metric measurements as they teach them at school.  

His initial artillery shots were all misses (he threw three ones in a row). But on his fourth shot he hit. He rolled for effect - a six. One of my guns is bowled over.  

With one of my guns out of action Max now attacks with his cavalry. The melee is decisive with my cavalry losing heavily. 

My situation was not good - so I pushed my infantry across the river to join their comrades I had already moved across in an earlier turn. 

United my Infantry advance hoping to sweep away his outnumbered infantry on to victory. My advance commenced....

...only for his infantry to retire unveiling his re positioned artillery.  With no choice I gritted my teeth and continued my advance hoping that he would roll low for his musketry and cannister.   

He did not ......The Electoral Infantry fell where they stood.  With my loses now totalling over 50% the game was up and I conceded defeat.   

A couple of Maxs' friends are interested in having a go at this Wargaming lark - so perhaps it time for so more Ilkley Young School games. 

Friday 21 September 2012

Action at Petreville Part 1

'Alarm, alarm' cries Etouffee as he calls the company to order.  With just a single company at his disposal this was going to be dammed tricky. Still there where opportunities even in this situation for a resourceful commander to get noticed. Perhaps a glorious, but futile defence, would get his name mentioned in dispatches and perhaps even notified on the bulletin board at Imperial Headquarters.  

Meanwhile the forces of the Electorate of Fustenberg Lederhosen mass for attack. With 3 regiments of infantry, a combined Grenadier regiment supported by a Cavalry regiment confidence was high that victory  would be easily gained and with it the stores holding the fine 'Sauce Chaud de Petreville' used through out the courts of Europe and a key Strategic bargaining condiment at the gastronomic peace talks that would follow the campaign.

The Electoral forces assault is supported by the Stollen Jager Corps (mercenaries hired from a small duchy north east of Prussia). These are lead by the well dressed and rather dapper Captain Stokes  - a veteran campaigner and all round good chap.

Mayor Etouffee decides that rather than trade volleys with the more numerous enemy to station his forces behind the ramparts ready to repel any attackers as they came up the assault ladders.  

The Sbrinz lead the way and gallantly scale the ladders. The melee along the wall is long drawn out affair with both sides taking heavy casualties   

 With the ramparts cleared the Sbrinz storm across and melee the thin line of defenders holding out in the central courtyard.  With loses reaching 60% the militia are forced to surrender but not before a final melee is fought between Etouffee and an Sbrinz infantryman.  The Electoral player rolls a 6 - the tension mounts as Etouffee himself shakes the dice and rolls it across the table. It spins around like a top before settling on a 5.  Etouffee has survived, an although captured, is assured of a bright future once a an officer exchange can be made after the campaign has finished     

Leading the way Etouffee marches at the head of the Saint Augur Militia who are granted the full honours of war for their gallant defence and leave with flags flying and shouldered muskets. 

Wednesday 12 September 2012

The Annexation of Chiraz

Having seen Little John recent games using his 40mm Prince August figures with the classic Charge rules. 

 He has used the teasers from Charles S Grant Raid St Mihel booklet. I thought it was time I did the same  based on the Annexation of Chiraz book.  

I plan to play teasers 1, 3, 4 and 5 using the Charge rules.  My units consist of 40 foot figures and a Mounted CO. These will be broken down into 2 * 16 man companies and one 8 man grenadier company. The Grenadier companies can be combined. Cavalry will operate in 11 figure squadrons. With 2 units making a regiment.   

All Officers, standards etc will count as foot figures and will count towards volley fire/melee etc.      

So this lunchtime I  set up my table ready for a game on Friday.  I have set the table to be able to play  teasers 1 and 4 - back to back. 

The early morning sun shines on Petreville (OK its the spot light in my basement). It is a pleasant scene looking south across the village and the Arsenal

The Arsenal is garrisoned by a company of the Saint Augur militia . Who task is to protect the Arsenal. Here 2 guards are seen vigilantly watching the approaches from the North 

On this bright morning the local clock strikes 9.00 o'clock and the change of guard can be seen under the watchful eye Mayor Etouffee who keeps the garrison on their toes with his fiery language.  He turns muttering how this posting to the back of beyond leaves him cold and his frustration with inaction is clearly etched across his face. 

A wagon with a weeks production of Pepper Sauce leaves the Arsenal and the driver is bid farewell by one of the local ladies of the night. 

Mayor Etouffee lifts his head as the breeze from the North brings the heavy sent of an aroma oh so familiar. A smile creeps across his face as he turns and shouts - 'There is the smell of cavalry sh*t in the air my friends,  I think today will be quiet tasty after all' 


Sunday 2 September 2012

Action at Trump Ville

I managed to get a quick game in with my Max, my 6 year old son, in the back yard as the weather was nice today. We used my small 30mm OS collection and the elementary rules from Charge with additional Light Infantry  rules added.  Max commanded the Imperial army while I commanded the smaller Electoral army 

A small Imperial raiding force is tasked with capturing the flour stocks from Win De Millars farm. With 2 companies of infantry and a squadron of Schuchs Dragoons the task should have been a stroll in the park. 

However the previous night a company of Electoral Infantry from the Erbprinz and a company of Jager move in to garrison the area.  

The Imperial forces deploy and plan to attack the woods with a company of the Kinski Infantry while  Schuchs dragoons are tasked with clearing the hedge line of the rest of the pesky Jager.   

The Imperial Infantry advance in the early morning mist towards De Miller Wood next to the mill. The first shots from the Jager are a medium range which lays low 3 of the Kinski. Who halt and return fire. The firefight he was to last a number of moves. 

With the bulk of the Jager engaged with the Kinski Max decides to throw his cavalry at the Jagers lining the hedge. Although 2 Dragoons are dropped as they close the resultant melee is one side with the Jager being cut down. 

The Imperial Infantry advance against the Erbprinz who open up at short range laying low 8 enemy infantry.

However the Erbprinz are about to face a nasty shock as the now rallied Dragoons threaten their flank. Two Dragoons are hit as they pass the Jager 

and they take further loses as the charge the Erbprinz flank guard. After the melee the Dragoons are are reduced to below 1/3 and retire.  The Erbrpinz and Jager are however close to being reduced to 1/2 ans 1/3 strength respectively and they decide to slip away.  

The Imperial army has captured the flour stocks but at a heavy price.  

Saturday 18 August 2012

Minot Prussians finally finished.

Back in 1975 I bought some Barry Minot 1806 Prussians, from I think Ted Surens shop in Lower Sloane Square, to make into some Prussian Jager for my Charles Grant inspired gaming.  Having cut off the bayonets I started painting the figures based on the uniform in the old Greenwood and Ball booklet on the Prussian army. 

As you can see I did not get very far.  

In the last 37 years these figures have been on my painting table, so to speak, and have followed me around the country as I moved from house to house. For the last 20 years they lived in a box.  I knew they where there.   

Well its 2012 now and I thought it was about time I finished them up. So with no more a do last week I got them out of their box, added a RSM Officer to make up the numbers, and finally finished them off. 
So it has take me 37 years to get them done  - from start to finish. 

Friday 10 August 2012

1/32 SYW and some re basing

For a while now I have been wanting to paint some 1/32 -54mm SYW figures up for some Old School gaming.  With HAT now having the command figures available I decided to pick up a couple of boxes of the figures.   

I have never painted figures this size before so I decided to have a trial go on 6 of the infantry marching figures.  I decided to base them on the Saxon army as they used Prussian style uniforms and  I wanted them in white. 

Here a few shots of the finished (unbased figures) posing in my front garden as the weather is good today.  

We have also starting using the excellent rules Maurice rules and are now embarked on a campaign (2nd game tonight) using my 28mm collection.  I built this collection some 12 years ago so I decided to give my Prussian Infantry a fresh coat of blue and revamped the bases.  The flags are home drawn using MS paint. They are here if you want some


And finally I have been playing around with Magnetic basing with my OS Charge figures using penny washers and magnetic sheet. Show here are some Minden figures. One of the advantages of using washers is that if you different ranges (I have Minden, Spencer Smith , Minot, RSM95 and Jacdaw figures) is that the with washers you get a nice uniform base size.