Sunday 24 January 2021

French Guard Lancers

I have been preparing my next unit of classic Napoleonics for painting.  I will be concentrating on cavalry for the next few months. 

These are recast Hinton Hunt FN44 French Guard Lancer charging with separate lance. I had to use bit of Milliput to fill gaps between the lance arm and body.

The first 6 figures will be the Polish Guard and will form the 1st squadron and the 2nd squadron of 6 will be Red Lancers. Should be colourful once finished.

One figure I decided rather than use a lancer arm I decided to cut of the trumpet arm from a plastic figure and use that instead.

If the weather is not too cold I will finish off cleaning them up and spray them with black undercoat.

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Silesian Verkehrspolizist

Just before Christmas I received a box of Prussians. I have now finished restoring and painting the first of these Prussians as a Silisian Landwehr unit.

The rank and file and officer are all original Hinton Hunt figures and are in the classic HH firing pose. As this a classic unit the uniforms are neat and tidy and the unit is well dressed. 

The standard bearer and drummer are David Clayton copies. The drummer is based on a French figure so required some filing to remove the lace on his sleeves.

I had hoped that these would be quick to finish. However a combination of  the detail painted on the cap,  3 coats of yellow to get the right depth of colour, meant they took longer than planned to finish. Still in all less than 4 weeks is to too bad.

For the flag I used the thin metal foil from a bottle of wine. I folded this over and stuck it together with super glue. Even with the thickness doubled the flag was easy to bend and manipulate with no cracking of the paint. Once shaped I applied two coats of varnish.

So I has started 2021 with another unit. Looking back on last year I painted a total of 121 infantry, 12 cavalry, 4 mounted generals, 8 gunners and 2 guns. 

I need to concentrate on some more cavalry over the coming months.