Monday 22 June 2020

Grumblers finished

I am a few days late in getting this unit finished as I hoped to complete on the 18th June.

The unit consists of both original and recast figures. The standard bearer may be a DK figure but I am not sure. The Sapper is of unknown origin.

The unit from the back. Something the enemies of France seldom saw. It was a bit fiddly getting the figures to fit on the bases but with a bit iof wangling I managed to get them to fit.

I added a couple of sergeants to ease the congestion on a 2 of the bases. This means I have enough figures left over to create a 4 figure Grenadier company in bearskins for a Swiss unit I am contemplating on adding to my French army.

As requested by WM and Rob a picture of the unit in line.

Next up on to am going paint refurbish a unit of British.

I got a unit of these painted Infantry as part of a trade but without command. The figure looks to be a copy of a BN7 with a slight pose change and a musket added before being cast. It's not a bad casting and I have enough unpainted for 3 more units. I have some original command to paint from scratch to complete the unit.

Sunday 14 June 2020

Something Different

Until yesterday the weather has not been good for under coating the final 5 figures for my French Old Guard unit. So as a short interlude I have put together a Prussian FPW unit for the 'A Gentlemans War' rules.

I bought about 100 Zinnfiguren from ebay over 10 years ago. They were factory paint jobs and I have done a bit of refurbing for Wargaming use. Certainly no where near the level that serious Zinnfiguren collecters achieve.

I had based a few figures up on big bases but that was as far as it went.  A recent thread on the Law Forum was discussing the WoFun flats and it reminded me about these figures.

So I spent a pleasant day yesterday removing the figures from the big bases and the sand and grit groundworks.  I have gone  for a toy soldier look with single figure basing , with a nice toy soldier green base colour, and lashings of Gloss varnish.

I went for single basing as this is very much the ethos of the AGM rules but also I found that if Zinnfiguren on multiple bases are actually more likely to be damaged when picked up than if they are singly based.

Finally I came across another old photo of classic Napoleonics which I had not seen before. Mostly Hinton Hunts with a Superquick Cardboard church