Thursday 6 February 2014

Spot the difference

I managed to grab some time today to do a spot of basing on my Spencer Smith ACW figures whilst on a long conference call for work.

Any way here are some pictures of some of figures side by side.  

Can you spot the difference. 

I will give you a clue. One is a metal figure available today from Spencer Smith miniatures where as the other is a plastic figures circa the sixties/seventies 

In photos 1 and 2 the left hand figure is metal and the right hand one in photo 3.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Vapnartak 2014

We had a busy but fun day at Vapnartak on Sunday. Our Tomahawks and Muskets participation was busy with a few younger players joining in.

Here are a few pictures of the action.

I managed to squeeze in some shopping as well and picked up a copy of Charles S Grants new Wargaming in History Volume 9 which includes Lobositz and Kolin and indeed Charles has used some of my photos of these battlefields.