Thursday 24 October 2013

Plattville Project

I kicked off this project sometime ago and it has languished for over a year. Although I did put on the Battle of Plattville at Triples in May using my 40mm Prince August figures.

The recent passing of Donald Featherstone is something that I want to mark by celebrating his contribution to this great hobby.

I met Don twice. The first time was circa 1970 when my father took me to Dons house. I remember going but nothing about the conversation we had. The second time was about a decade ago at Historicon.

I have decided that that my stalled Plattvile project needs to re started and that it would be my celebration to Don.

I have now finished my second unit of metal Spencer Smith figures. They are Gloss varnished and un based.

I have also started gathering extra bits and pieces. Firstly I have managed to get 260 original plastic Spencer Smith figures. This cost a bit but are just right for my project. The first unit is on the painting table.

I have also got two packs of Merit plastic trees to use for Platts wood. And the search for a rubber Triang church is underway.


Thursday 10 October 2013

Max's First figures based

My son Max has started his first armies. ACW plastic figures which he is going to use unpainted. After some initial problems getting the figures to stick to the cardboard bases he has now got his first base finished.

The bases are simple with some scenic groundwork added.

He has also received some old Airfix figures thanks to Tim Hall from the WD3 Forum. So it's full steam ahead with basing.

I am going to use Don Featherstone rules for our first games.

Tuesday 1 October 2013

A day out

Today my children's school was closed due to a teachers strike so I decided to take a day off work and take them to Eden Camp at Malton.

Unfortunately my daughter is a bit under the weather so instead we went to the Duke of Wellington, aka 33rd, regimental museum just outside Halifax.

The 33rd fought in the American War of Independence and were Cornwallis regiment.

The uniform has a fair bit of lace and has got me thinking of painting up some of my 40mm Sash and Sabre figures as the 33rd

The museum boasts a hat worn by Wellington himself.

There is also a fair bit of on the Great War     
and they will have new section opening in August 2014 to coincide with the centenary of Britains entry into the war. Another visit is now on the cards.

After the museum we popped into Halifax  and I bought my lad some Italeri ACW plastic soldiers to get him going. On the drive back home I asked him how many ACW battles he could name. He got 9 right !