Sunday 25 March 2012

Erbprinz - Flats

I have got my first order of German Zinnfiguren delivered this week and was really pleased with the figures I got.  We some trepidation I painted up the first 6 figures of my Erbprinz unit based on Peter Youngs unit in  Charge.  

I used acrylics paint and inks and have used a layed highlight as I would 28mm full rounds figures.  Highlighting to create depth is the key to making these figures really pop out. 

 The first 2 photos show the figures unbased and the final 2 attached to simple terrained bases. I have made the bases thicker than normal so that they can be easily picked without damaging the figures.  

I have bought enough figures to for a 24 man infantry unit plus officers as well as 15 Austrian Cuirassier

The figures are from Fechner who figures are a good price and has the advantage of taking Paypal. Postage was 6.50 euro to the UK  

Sunday 11 March 2012

Canister Cone for the War Game

I have just got the first prototype of a Canister Cone for the War Game made by a local artisan.  This has been designed around the dimensions confirmed in the new consolidated version of the War Game rules out in April. 

If there is anyone who needs one of these devices then I can get them made for 3 Guineas (or 63/- (shillings) if you prefer) although £ 3 for cash will also work. 

Friday 9 March 2012

Zinnfiguren for Imaginations

I have had a itch for some time to paint some SYW German Zinnfiguren for use as Imaginations

The photo below shows what can be achieved.

This photo and more can be found at

With my birthday coming up I have finally taken the plunge and placed a small order from 

I have ordered enough of the figure 10/25 to start a flat version f the Erbprinz plus a few cavalry figures

File: Zinnsoldaten.jpg