Thursday, 9 November 2017

Austrian Artillery completed

Well all except the mdf bases and finishing the grass green.

I have finished my Austrian Artillery. The artillery figures and Hinchcliffe guns were all gifted to me by 3 fellow gamers and I hope you like how they ended up.

I painted the guns in a clean yellow rather looking scruffy as I would have done with 28mm figures.  It took quiet a few coats if yellow to get the finish I wanted.

I painted the barrels black after pictures I saw on the First Legion site as I liked better than bronze.  Not sure if this is strictly accurate though.

Next up I am going to renovate 14 British Fusiliers I got from Matt (WM) and 2 Ensigns I got from Bob to make up my 2nd Fusilier Battalion if my Fusilier Brigade.

I also have French Marshall from JCs range undercoated.


Stryker said...

That really is superb brushwork there Mark - you've done the lads proud!

Wellington Man said...

I second that. You really ought to consider stripping and repainting your charity shop finds, Mark, as your own painting is very very smart indeed.

Mark Dudley said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I am still learning how to paint classic figures to get the right look. I have added a little light grey highlight on the bicorne hats and blanket rolls. They would look all wrong if I used triple highlights.

Matt - if I had enough time I probably would consider stripping some of the charity shop figures particularly the French Infantry.

Phil said...

Very nice, they look great!

Anonymous said...

Lovely work there Mark.

Tony S