Sunday, 2 May 2021

Next up - Line Lancers

I recently received a few DK French Line Lancers from RG and now have enough figures for a 6 figure squadron. The unit will consist of 4 original Hinton Hunt figures (FN 118) and 2 Der Kreigspieler figures (DK 38).

The figure on the left is an original Hinton Hunt figure and as you can see the DK copy on the right has a shorter lance and is shorter in statue. 

As can be seen the DK figure is not only shorter but thinner than the original Hinton Hunt figure. There is not a lot you can do make the figure fatter but there is something you can do about the height.

My experience of DK figures is that they have thin bases particularly when compared to Hinton Hunt.  My solution is to add some Milliput under the base to add that extra little height.

The DK figure is now a closer match, height wise, with the better fed Hinton Hunt figure. I am hoping that once painted and based the figures will blend together.


Rob said...

Good luck, I think you'll be satisficed with how they mix in together - I don't think it shows much in my unit unless you look for the shorter lances and that could be fixed if you really wanted.
Anyway, the big question is... what regiment are they going to be? Having had quick scan of the Cent Jours website my vote goes for the 2nd and those striking orange facings (link below).

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Rob

I am going to do the 5th with Sky Blue facings. The Hinton Hunt finder blog has Marcus Hintons painting instructions for the 5th on his blog.

Aly Morrison said...

A nice fix with the height issues Mark...
I think the bulk difference will be less obvious once they are painted...

And of course it should be the fifth.

All the best. Aly