Thursday 18 January 2024

Combat at Zinnberg

I had my first game using my Zinnfiguren this morning. The Combat at Zinnberg was played using the DBSYW supplementary rules for DBN.

The game is a simple affair with the Prussians attacking the Austro- Imperialists.

The Prussian army consisted of 3 Battalions of Grenadiers, 2 of Musketeers and a Frei-battalion. Their Cavalry has 2 Cuirassier with a one regiment each of Hussar and Dragoon.

The Austrians deploy 2 Battalions of Grenadiers, 2 Hungarian Battalions together with single battalions of the Mainz Lamberg and the Imperialist Erbprinz. The Austrians also have a Grenzer unit. They slightly outnumber the Prussians in Cavalry having 3 Cuirassier regiments and 2 Dragoons. Each side has a single battalion gun.

Each side has a break point of 6.

A panorama of the battlefield with Cavalry massed in the foreground and the Infantry in the centre.

A closer view of the Prussian infantry with the Grenadiers massed in the front line. The battalion gun is attached to one of the Grenaduer units. The Prussian CinC is Von Kneesoff and he is rated as average.

The Austrians have fortified Zinnberg with the Erbprinz deployed among the buildings. The remaining Austrian infantry are deployed in 2 lines.

The Austrian Grenzers are deployed in a small wood.

The Prussians advance. 

Volleys ripple  back and forth. The Prussians are gaining the upper hand. A black dice is one hit and a red one is two hits and shaken. 3 hits and the unit is removed. 

Von Kneesoff orders his grenadiers forward and they close with the  shaken Austrians. But these are not the Austrians of Mollwitz. They stand and repel the Prussian Grenadiers who loose all 3 close assaults.

The Prussians are however successful in capturing Zinnberg and threatening the flank of the Kieler Austrian Grenadiers.

The second battalion of the Prinz Moritz regiment are deployed against the Grenzers who have had the temerity to leave the cover of the woods. A couple of volleys and a quick charge soon sees the Karlstsder Oguliner Grenz cut down and destroyed.

The Prussians decide to launch their cavalry against the Austrians who heroically accept the challenge.

The melee swirls backwards and forwards with neither side gaining the advantage. 

The Prussians are well led and finally gain the advantage destroying all 3 Austrian units for no loses of their own. The tide is turning once again.

Can the Austrians turn the tide in the centre.  The shaken Frei-Infanterie von L├╝deritz are holding the centre for the Prussians. Can the equally shaken Austrians  Grenadiers prevail. The muskets roar. When the smoke clears it is the Austrian Salm and Roth Wurzburg Grenadiers that have melted away from the heat of the prussian volleys.

The Austrians have lost 6 units and the Prussians 3.  Victory to the Prussians.

A pleasant little solo game that was done and dusted 75 minutes.



Andy McMaster said...

Excellent little game. Your flats look most excellent! Great to finally see them in action.

Tiberian general said...

Fantastic display of 18th century wargaming, thanks for sharing Mark.


Donnie McGibbon said...

Superb to see all those lovely figures on the table, great looking game.

tradgardmastare said...

Great looking game and lovely to see these in action…

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

That is a most pretty looking game!

Matt said...

Lovely spectacle!

Rob said...

A cracking little game and once again proof that big armies and detailed rules are not required to deliver an exciting game and bags of fun.

Aly Morrison said...

Splendid Mark…
In some of the pictures the miniatures look like fully rounded toys … It all reflects well on your painting technique.

All the best. Aly

Stryker said...

You've turned out some great figures here Mark and the whole look of the table is excellent - good work!

Jack Hughes said...

Kudos for a beautiful looking table. What scale are the miniatures?

Mark Dudley said...

They are 30mm