Monday, 3 January 2011

Battle of Dead Mans Creek

Tim come over the other day for some real Old School gaming to finish the year.  We used are collections of Britains and Timpo figures from when we were lads (which was a long time ago now) and some newer Imex and Armies on Plastic figures.  My son - Max - who is 5 soon - joined in for a while - until he got bored.

We used the free rules from All the Kings Men

These rules are a fun set of toy soldier rules and we enjoyed the game. The Yankees won the battle but it was touch and go throughout. 




Chris said...

You probably caught this, but in case not: I made up a Cheat Sheet for the ATKM rules pertaining only to the ACW. If you do happen to use it, please let me know if you recommend any changes, as Ken told me he may include it in a rules supplement.

Thanks and best regards,

Chris Johnson

Brian Carrick said...

Great to see all those lovely old toys out on the table, where they belong!
Best wishes, Brian

Unknown said...

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Captain Nolan said...

What is your opinion of the ATKM rules? I have been thinking of building a couple of small WSS Ebor "armies" to use with this set.