Sunday, 15 July 2012

Paint your Wagon

The Royal Boursin Regiment of the Duchy Calvados received it new transport in the form of a home mad wagon. 

I added some more storage before making the tarpaulin out  of tissue and PVA glue. The wagon is painted in Calvadorian red with black ironwork. To reinforce the where rider connected to the wagon I wound some cotton with liberal dash of PVA - (life would be a lot harder without PVA glue)

The Grenz unit is about 75% done and should be completed in the next week.

I have all started re basing my small 30mm Imaginations collections on 19mm washers and I am making some 60 by 40mm bases out of cardboard and Magnetic sheet.  


tidders2 said...

great wagon

-- Allan

littlejohn said...

Very nice wagon! PA rules!