Sunday, 1 June 2014

Culps Hill

A rather delayed report on the Ilkley Old School demo game at Triples in May. 

The weekend is a regular event in the IOS calendar with 5 of is making the trip down on Friday. We stay in the Travel Lodge at Meadow Hall which is very convenient as is close to the venue and if you book early very economical.

This year our game was based on the Scott Mingus Culps Hill scenario from the excellent Enduring Value.  The rules used were Sam Mustafas Longstreet and we had 4 players each having their own action deck.

We played the game twice to conclusion over the weekend with Tim and Mark H playing the Confederates against Ken and Ewan Federals on Saturday with the sides switching on Sunday. 

Both games were touch and go right to the end with the Rebels capturing Culps Hill on both days. Saturdays game was the closest fought and I suspect would have been won by the Union had their reinforcements arrived.  However they got lost as a Local, who supported the Confederacy, twice sent them down the wrong road meaning they never reached the battlefield.

Here are a few shots of the action



Phil said...

Great looking pictures and minis, love the vignette with the wounded guy!

Unknown said...
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