Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last game of the year

My younger brother Matthew is visiting for New Years Eve with his wife. As the wives and children were out we decided to have a SYW game using my 6mm collection.

Matthew was my regular opponent when we were kids and this was our first game in some 20 years.  I commanded the Prussians and had the simple objective of capturing the village of Ilklewitz. It was to prove a tough nut to cracking. 

The Austrians deployed their artillery and infantry in the village.  The Grenz were on the Austrian left with their Cuirassier in reserve.

Without any artillery to support the attack I decided to launch my infantry and close as quickly as possible with the defenders in the village.

My cuirassier on my right also took the initiative and charged their opposite numbers. One of my squadrons catches an Austrian squadron at the halt.

My infantry are able to close to musketry range before the Austrian artillery cause any casualties. Both pieces missed with their two first shots.

The Grenz finding no opposition in front of them deploy out of the woods.

My Infantry advance to close range before opening fire against the Austrian artillery and infantry. This initial volley proved to be less effective than I had hoped. It was not helped when 2 of my volleys cause 7 hits against an Austrian 6 figure volley unit only for one figure to be hit 6 times.

Undeterred one of my infantry unit, despite losing its CO, charges into the village. It was to prove the Prussian high water mark.

My second battalion however does not receive the order to charge and with the Grenz now on their flank and causing more loses reach 50% casualties and forced to withdraw.

The battered Prussians realise the game is up and concede.

We used the War Game rules with some house amendments and substituted cms for inches.


Anonymous said...

What about the Prussian cavalry getting rolled up? Took 20 years to plan my strategy since the defeat at Antietam. Nice and easy rules even with the home made mods. Love live Maria Theresa.

Graham C said...

Great stuff Mark. You must be pleased to get these on the table and I think you're going the right way with the rules.