Saturday 30 September 2017

Lutzow Lancers

Having seen Wellington Mans Prussians in black I decided to have a go at Lutzows Lancers part of the 6th Uhlans.

I used original Hinton Hunt Prussian Landwehr PN39. These have taken a couple of weeks to do and just need a final tidy up before two coats of gloss varnish before basing.

The gloss varnish will bring these figures to life. In my next post I will do a photo comparison between a figure in Matt and the final Gloss finish.

In other news.  This week I received some British Fusiliers from Matt in New Zealand as part of an exchange for some of my  Prussian Dragoons. These reinforcements will allow me to field 2 full 24 figure battalions in my Fusilier brigade and create a 6 figure unit for the combined light companies.

These look to have been painted as Bavarians. I had originally thought of stripping the figures however I think I will use the repaint option to match them to the the ones I got from Oxfam.

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Wellington Man said...

Yaaarrrgh! You beat me to it, Mark, and a very nice job you've done too.
Best regards