Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Classic British Napoleonics - comparison

A recent Ebay purchase has added to my British Napoleonic refurb pile. I now have a few figures from a number of the ranges available in the early 70s.

The first image shows figures which I am fairly sure are Alberken/early minifigs.  The codes I believe are left to right:-

BN4 Rifleman Officer
BN3 Rifleman on Guard
BN23 Light Infantry Firing ?
BN22 Light Infantry Advancing ?
BN26 Line Infantryman on guard ?

Update.  I have added a link to Old Metal Detector blog which shows the first 2 figures in an old Alberken boxed set.

The full list can be found here:-

The next image is a comparison of some the classic figures, from different manufacturers, I have awaiting refurb.

Left to right these are:- Hinton Hunt, Minifig, Minifig,  Rose, Les Higgins and Garrison.

The Higgins figures are a bit wooden and The Garrison is taller.


lewisgunner said...

Are you sure they are not Douglas That guy standing with his musket levelled is a classic Douglas pose.

Wellington Man said...

That is a very useful set of comparison shots, Mark.

I'm also rather intrigued by the first two rifleman in the first shot. They don't look like typical Alberken/Minfigs, but also have very atypical bases for Douglas. Have you tried asking Old John?

Best regards

Mark Dudley said...

Hi LG and WM

I have added a link to the Old Metal Detector blog which shows the first 2 figures.

Chris Gregg said...

I also remember having some of those riflemen in the 1960s - definitely Alberken. And the Les Higgins "wooden" advancing stance too - British figure painted blue here but his French grenadiers were the same pose.

Aly Morrison said...

A very helpful post ...
Thank you...
All the best. Aly

Anonymous said...

Mark, on a completely different note, thank you for putting me in touch with Ken Ricketts, with whom I have been having a most enjoyable correspondence. He is venturing over here for a trial skirmish in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know how we get on.

lewisgunner said...

HaHa Given Alberken's reputation I am tempted to suggest the levelled musket figure is a pirate of a Douglas. Would that be roo mischievous? Thanks for the link to OMD!

Mark Dudley said...

I look forward to hearing how the game goes.


Mark Dudley said...

The Alberken catalogue from 1965 has a British figure on guard. Again on the OMD blog.

I am not sure when Douglas Napoleonic where first available.


lewisgunner said...

It must be a case of parallel evolutionšŸ˜‰

the Archduke said...

Mark, Ken and I fought each other to a heroic standstill on Tuesday. We were both pleased with the result. Thanks again for the intro. Perhaps you should set up a combattant dating service.