Sunday, 1 April 2018

The 'Monster' himself

I have dipped and cleaned up the  next batch of figures ready for the painting table.

First up a vintage Napoleon.  When I was a callow youth I had a Minifig S Range Napoleon and I am looking forward to painting him.

Next to him is a rather flamboyant Alberken recast of Murat. He will need a suitably exotic uniform to bring him to life.

I have also got some Old Guard gunners ready to go.  Three are Alberken figures with the remaining ones are Hintons which I bought from Camden Passage.

I had to do a bit if repair to the gunner with the hand spike.  It was miscast when I got the figure from Hinton Hunt. I used the plastic brush from an old broom and super glue and pva to effect the repair.  This drys rock solid and far stronger then super glue on its own.


Stryker said...

The Murat figure looks like it will be fun to paint as of course will the great man himself! The Alberken gunners fit well with your HH - what guns will you be using?

Wellington Man said...

I think Murat is begging to be in his Austerlitz whites, Mark!
As for the Ogre, I can't wait to see what you make of him. Mine seems to have ended up with a rather grumpy expression.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Ian

I have some Hinchcliffe 20mm or Warrior artillery pieces I can use. The Warrior ones are bit bigger so will look good as Guard 12lb artillery.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Matt

Murat in Red boots and white uniform is tempting.

I think grumpy is the perfect expression for Napoleon particulary at Waterloo where if reports are correct riding a horse may have been a tad uncomfortable.

Aly Morrison said...

I am with WM here...
Murat in white... go on you know you want to...

All the best. Aly