Saturday, 8 December 2018

French reinforcements

I do enjoy opening packages when they contain hobby items.

Yesterday, following a recent figure trade, the postman yesterday delivered a small package which I duelly opened  with a thrill of anticipation.

Inside I was pleased to find some very nice original Hinton Hunt French figures which I had swapped for some Lamming SYW figures.

Firstly there are 16 French Line Artillery crew. Enough for 4 complete gun crews.

In addition there are 2 Artillery riders which I will use with my Newline Limber horses.

Finally there are 4 each of FN2 and FN3  Line Grenadiers which I will be using as the elite companies for a Line battalion.

On the painting table I have started  on the first 6 figure squadron of the 1st British Life guards.


Stryker said...

Nice addition Mark - they look like good castings!

Rob said...

The transformation from raw casting to painted gem is one I look forward to.

Wellington Man said...

These will be excellent raw material, Mark. Well done!

Alastair Morrison said...

I look forward to seeing them all shined up...

All the best. Aly