Monday, 14 June 2021

Prussian Artillery

My latest unit is a 6LB Prussian Field artillery battery. These are recast Hinton Hunt figures and are manning SHQ artillery pieces.

Napoleonic Prussians are a nice army to paint as they have a good mixture of unit types wearing a range of uniforms. They are not all Prussian blue. Not as pretty perhaps as other nations but functional and business like.

The figures used are 
PN 30 Officer
PN 31 Gunner with porte fire
PN 32 Gunner with rammer
PN 34 Gunner with handspike

The gun is available from SHQ and is code GUN02 - Prussian 6lb Gun


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

A very handsome battery and crew! "Prussians" of the era are indeed more variegated than people might at first realize.

Best Regards,


Aly Morrison said...

Very nice indeed Mark…
You are quite right there is a lot of different uniforms to be found in a ‘Prussian’ army…
I do however like the workman like look of the basic Prussian uniforms… It makes for a nice contrast to the French peacocks.

All the best. Aly

Stryker said...

They look very smart Mark. Personally I like the massed menacing effect of Prussians in blue however I do like the contrast of the Cuirassiers dressed in white!

James Fisher said...

Fine looking battery. Impressive inclusion of the buttons on the blanket roll and a superb depth-effect with the officer's telescope.
I'm with you, the late Prussians are remarkably colourful and varied. I did not realise how much until I started doing/planning some myself.
Regards, James

Wellington Man said...

I do like your two-gun batteries, Mark. It also occurs to me that it's much more efficient to paint them that way! Beautiful work, as always.

I've been fooling about with various Prussian 'fringe' units for so long that I've forgotten how to paint the Regulars.

Best regards

David said...

These really do pack in the charm factor. What a great old school look. The SHQ guns really fit right in the way you have mounted them. Nicely done!

Rob said...

Two batteries - that's enough to make a mess of anyone it seems. They do look suitably business-like for their murderous trade. The guns look scarily big for 6-pounders.
The simpler Prussian uniforms (apart from their hussars*) can look nice benefiting from a lack of distracting detail - a good thing. It can also make them easier to paint - a very good thing!
[*Why did no-one make them wearing their pelisses - I think they look so good like that]

EB said...

Very nice, Mark, and the gun looks suitably menacing.