Friday, 12 November 2021

Scots Greys progress

I am now down to working 3 days a week and should in theory have more time to spend on painting.

I have made progress on the first six Scots Greys. The horses and main colours are done and I now need to finish the detail and tidy them up. The full unit should look rather nice once I get them completed.

One of the reasons why these are taking longer is that I have got side tracked into rebasing my 15mm Napoleonics. This collection is hardly used and must be over 20 years since I first started this collection.

With my 20mm classic collection built around the battalion and used with battalion scale rules and formations I have decided that the 15mm collection should be used for higher brigade level games such as Blucher and DBN with one stand representing a unit.

This week I started rebasing on larger 80 by 50mm bases and rather like the way they look. I only had a few mdf bases of this size so I am now cutting my own from a piece of mdf I had using a Stanley knife. 

A Russian Brigade using AB figures. I have also gloss varnished these figures as it really makes the colours pop.

A French Cuirassier brigade again using AB figures.  AB are by far the best figures although I also have Essex, Old Glory and Battle Honours.

And finally an Italian artillery unit. I am unsure who made these figures but they required a little extra card board on the base as they are smaller than my others figures.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Every gamer at some point should have Scots Greys

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes! Scots Greys. Really must add them, in some form, to my own collection at some point. There is simply no getting away from the face that cavalry in red/scarlet coats is the most stunning. Especially when finished off with a coat or two of gloss. I occasionally toy with the idea of doing something similar with my own unused 15mm Waterloo collection when it comes to rebasing. Available free time is always the enemy though.

Best Regards,


Rob said...

"Should" look rather nice... ???
Who are you kidding? They look great now, those grey horses are really convincing. When complete and welcomed into the world of shininess they are going to look fabulous.
Just go easy with the Stanley knife you need those fingers to paint that lead mountain.

Wellington Man said...

You do al the best cavalry, MArk. Yur SG'd are goin to be stunning. I don't envy you at the moment though. They look terribly complicated!

David said...

Love the look of the brigade bases for larger scale games. I think you have nailed the right look, but with those AB figures how could you not. They really are superb.

Aly Morrison said...

The Grey’s are really coming together Mark…
And I love what you have done with the 15s… things always look better with a bit of a shine..

All the best. Aly

'Lee. said...

Very nice work on the Greys Mark, classic figures. I also like the basing method for the 18mm's.

Stryker said...

There's just something about the HH greys that shouts wargaming nostalgia! They seem to be coming along nicely, looking forward to the completed unit.