Thursday, 9 June 2022

DB SYW action

This afternoon I set up a quick DB SYW game using my small 6mm collection. The game looks a bit like Lobositz and featured the Prussians attacking the Austrians.  3 Austrian Infantry and 2 Cavalry behind the Morellenbach stream had to roll equal or less than the turn number on a D6 before they could cross the stream. The onus was on the Prussians to strike quickly whilst they have the numerical advantage.

The Prussians deployed ready to advance.

The Prussian advance into the valley as they attack the Austrian Grenz on the Losbosch to protect their flanks.

The Austrians roll a 2 on the second turn releasing the forces behind the Morellenbach stream. The Prussians are up against it so launch their cavalry into the attack. 

The Cavalry melee is initially successful however the Prussian Dragoons are driven back and are ultimately destroyed.

The Austrian commander supports his Cuirassiers who counter attack and drive off and destroy the Prussians cavalry.

As the cavalry battle continues the Prussian Infantry advance and engage the Austrians in front of Lobositz.

The Prussian infantry are a tough nut to crack as they destroy an Infantry and Artillery unit. However Prussian loses are mounting and the victorious Austrian cavalry are now attacking the Prussian Infantry in support of the remaining Austrian Grenadier unit. The Prussians loses are now reach 50% and the game is up.

Fun game done and dusted in an hour.


Andy McMaster said...

Excellent looking little game. Cavalry do look good in 2 ranks.

Donnie McGibbon said...

Cracking looking game, lovely looking armies.

Jim Walkley said...

A good looking game Mark. I have found Lobositz an interesting game using various rules and figure scales. What mods to DBN did you use? Jim

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Jim.
I am using a playtest version of the DBSYW that Alex Testo has shared with me.

Jim Walkley said...

That's very interesting Mark. I imagine it will just involve minor tweaks similar to the AWI/ACW playsheets. I will have to keep an eye on the DBN site.