Saturday, 19 November 2022

Battle of Barosa 1811 - shiny DBN

This afternoon Tim W popped over for a game of DBN. We played the battle of Barosa using the scenario from the DBNwargaming website and my shiny 20mm Napoleonics.

The British attack and advance towards the distant hills. The terrain slows the British movement and the French decide to deny the British space and advance their centre and left to meet them.  The ravine, shown by the brown card and stones, hampers the British advance.

Solid British infantry push forward through the Pine woods. I dont have any Pines so had to use my old Merit Adler trees instead.

The British initially hold back their right which consist of 2 battalions of elite infantry supported by some less effective Spanish troops. The British also send some rifleman down the ravine to support their advance.

The Riflemen shield the advance as the battle in the centre and French left rages. 

French cavalry supported by infantry hold the high ground. The high ground is worth 2 Victory Points to the French. Each destroyed unit is worth 1 VP and the first to 7 VPs wins.

The British left holds fast and is able to push back the French left removing the French threat on that flank.

The French attack in the centre looks imposing however British musketry proves effective. Both sides take casualties and a battalion of French combined Grenadiers charge and overrun the unsupported British gun line. 

The British now launch their attack on the hill . Both sides have lost 5 units and the British have their best troops in the final push.

British musketry proves telling and as the volleys hit home the French lose 2 more VPs and victory goes to the British.

Another fun and closely fought game of DBN.


Archduke Piccolo said...

A fine looking table-top - just like the previous one. Lovely figures, too!

KEV. Robertson. said...

Beautifully painted Napoleonic Armies- well done Mark on a superb Collection.

rhingley said...

Fantastic looking figures. They and the table remind me of my introduction to miniature wargaming so many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Great looking game! Can I ask - are you using 8 infantry figures as one DBN unit here? (And are those Tunnocks tea cakes lurking in reserve? 😀)

Mark Dudley said...

Yes - I used two bases of 4 figures as a DBN unit. The frontage was 50mm so slightly larger than the standard DBN 40mm. I did however use the standard one inch = 100 paces for measurements.

David said...

Oh man that looks great Mark! I have been resisting the urge to try DBN with the Hintons, but your example here is making that much more difficult. My main problem is that my cavalry bases are slightly wider than my infantry bases, clearly a design flaw on my part :). Inspirational stuff!