Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sittangbad Game On Tonite

The Lads, well some of them, are coming over tonight for what promises to be a good evenings entertainment as we refight the classic battle of Sittangbad.

I have changed the organisations to fit in with my 28mm collection. Each infantry Regiment will consist of 48 figures with 3 line and 1 grenadier company each of 12 men. Cavalry units will consist of 3 squadrons of 6 and Light infantry battalions will have 2 companies of 8. I have reduced the number of Light infantry to 1 battalion for the imperialists and 2 for the electoral forces I have also reduced the electoral artillery to 2 batteries rather than 3.

I will post some photos of the set up and action over the coming weekend

I have also picked up a copy of Messrs Grant and Olley Wargaming in History it is a jolly good read a has lots of nice photos which show just how good a SYW game can look. Only trouble is it makes me want to go for 36 man units as standard rather than the current 16 man units I have in my 28mm collection.

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