Monday, 29 March 2010

Progress Report

I had a productive week this last week.

Started paint the 1st company of my Erprinz regiment.

Based up 47 AWI 40mm figures on 20 by 30 mm bases. These are the same size as my Prince August figures so I can use both collections in the same game. Should look OK from the side.  
Set up my Wargame table, with a bit help from my 4 year old son Max,  for a Sittangbad refight using Charge and my 28mm collection. For this game I will be using 3 company line regiments without grenadiers and with more limited numbers of light troops. The game is scheduled for Wednesday 7th April.  i post o few pictures of the terrain and the initial dispositions.

I might also use the terain for a 40mm Prince August/AWI game - perhaps the Battle Standwell or the 1st Battle of Sittangbad.

Now we are on British summer time with lighter evenings I decided to get some Prince August casting done. As I now have 3 moulds for the basic infantry figure I found casting a lot quicker. In all I got 1 Nuremburger artillery piece, 20 advancing infantry, 8 marching infantry, 6 gunners, 8 officers, drummers etc and 5 mounted officers cast up in one and half hours.

On the gaming front the Ilkley Lads met to run through the playtest of our demo game for Sheffield triples which this year will be the Battle of the Grannicus. Instead of using Piquet we will be using Command and Colours by GMT adapted for the wargame table.