Sunday 7 February 2021

Charge Organisation - Infantry

When I game with my classic Napoleonics I use the Charge rules by Young and Lawford.  I have been gaming with 1/2 size units but as my collection has grown I have come to realise that larger units maybe the way forward. 

My current 24 figure Infantry units represent a battalion so why not put 2 battalions together and add a unit of Skirmishers.  In all a unit will muster 61 figures and in Charge the unit can take 31 casualties before going below 50%.

Today I got a few figures out and set a brigade of 2 units. I set up the unit in line with 2 options.

Firstly with the two units side by side with a cloud of skirmishers deployed.

The second option is with the combined elite deployed on each flank.  A third option would be to merge the elites and have 3 16 figure sub units. This option would replicate the Charge organisation with each unit having 3 companies.

The final picture shows a massed column of Infantry.


Stryker said...

The massed column looks particularly good Mark! I've never played 'Charge' but the big battalions do appeal.

Rob said...

Mark, the big units look really nice but a little dispiriting. I only have one 24-man infantry so far and the idea of larger units is not something I want to see everyone else doing and leaving me behind in the dust. That said combining units is a good idea if using CHARGE! as it means they don't get used up so quickly - and as you said you can always treat them as a brigade rather than large battalions. 61-man units are perfect for CHARGE!, mine (SSMs) are 60 or 80 if their grenadiers are not detached (something I always do).

A question that occurred to me looking at your splendid units was where to put the grenadiers? I always have mine at the back as that's where they make sense to me for formation changes but I notice I'm in a minority on this one. Is there a 'proper' place for them?

PS don't let Stryker see that column as his Union Brigade must be champing at the bit.

EB said...

Looking good, Mark.

Following our chat, I've decided that, when playing Charge, the French will have three battalions of sixteen rank and file. This 'brigade' will have two battalions of fusiliers and a battalion consisting of the combined elite companies. I'll add eight additional skirmishing figures so I don't need to break the elites down onto smaller bases.

There will be two command stands with officer and drummer and a third stand with the addition of a standard bearer. They'll shimmy around as necessary.

Like your organisation, I can if I wish form the three battalions into two larger battalions.

All very exciting.


Ross Mac said...

They do look great. I tend to think of my Charge! units as Battalions and Brigades but I just don't have the table space at home to deploy them so they rarely see action.

David said...

Oh but those do look fantastic. I will say from experience that chasing the larger units is a certain path to madness! I love that it enables you to have a certain flexibility with deployment. I have been trying to maintain that as well, which is fairly simply to accomplish with thoughtful basing. Looking good!

By the way, was driving to visit my father in law this weekend. Thought of you as we stopped for lunch at Sugars and then took a short hike through Chickamauga.


James Fisher said...

I love a big unit, so to speak!
These look brilliant. The more the merrier, I say.
Regards, James