Monday 6 September 2021

Take the High Ground

With retirement fast approaching I thought it would be a good idea to try a game of Neil Thomas One Hour Wargame rules solo as a possible set of rules for some light gaming.

This morning I played my first solo game using scenario 4 - Take the High Ground.   I used one of the alternate firing mechanisms with each unit having 5 strength and cavalry, artillery using one D6, infantry two D6 and Zoauves three D6 to fire. A four plus is needed to score a hit.

The union start the game holding the high ground and they have 3 infantry, 2 cavalry and one zoauve unit. They deploy  2 of the infantry units on the hill.

The Confederates have 3 infantry, 2 zoauves and 1 artillery unit.

I played the game with no sutility to the tactics and saw the Confederate and Union trade musket and loses in a stand up fight for the hill with the rebels gaining the advantage.

In the woods both sides had a zoauve unit and the fire fight lasted a number of turns  before the Confederates down to 1 hit managed to destroy their opposite number.

The other Confederate zoauve unit is able to emerge from the woods and take on a union cavalry brigade (represented by dismounted 7th Cavalry).

When they are joined by the 2nd zoauve unit.

The combined fire quickly destroys the union cavalry. The union have now lost 5 units to the confederate 2. A rebel victory.

I plan to run the game again later today and look to apply the lessons learnt from my first game.

I am wondering if 6" bases are a bit large as there was little room for manoeuvre particulary when using cavalry.  I am thinking of increasing the table size to 4ft 6" by 3ft or alternatively reducing the sabot base to 4".


tradgardmastare said...

Great looking game. I will be interested to see what you decide re basing.

Paul Liddle said...

A very nice looking game and the soldiers look great Mark, I had a handful of them when I was a young'un.
I have had a lot of fun out of One Hour Wargames, I find the occasional game might be a bit dull but playing a series of games as a short campaign mitigates that.

I look forward to seeing more and I'm tempted to copy you using my French and Prussian 54mm toys.

Rob said...

Interesting to see what your lesson are - not sure how taking up this game relates to impending retirement...

ECW 40mm Project said...

Great stuff Mark! You are a continual inspiration.

ECW 40mm Project said...

Also, I play on a 4 wide table for OHW, and it helps with the 5-6" bases. For 6" bases, I'd say 4' is just right. 5" bases can fit on 3' and still have room to turn around, etc.