Saturday, 24 November 2018

Hinton Hunt Commanders

I spent a very pleasant day at the Battleground show. Unfortunately the Lancaster Cellarmen where unable to put on their Hinton Hunt game as planned.

Mark L did however bring his Hinton Hunt commanders with him. And I thought I would share some photos of his collection. He has quiet a few.

I spent  an enjoyable time chatting to Mark and Clive S (of the Hinton Hunter blog fame) about classic Napoleonics. Its possible that at next years show we will cooperative on a Classic Napoleonic game.

I rather like this last one. I wonder who manufactured the coach 

I purchased some Newline Limbers and horses as they have a 25% off sale on at the moment together with some British Lifeguard command I intent to use with Hinton Hunt horses.  I will do a few comparison photos in my next post.


Vintage Wargaming said...


Good to meet you, Mark L and Andy C too.

I suspect the coach is Minifigs, obviously with HH horses and outrider

Archduke Piccolo said...

Very nicely presented figures. The battlefields must a delight to behold!

Wellington Man said...

Gosh, what an amazing collection! I love the bright and colourful toy-soldierly style.

Best regards

Alastair Morrison said...

A splendid collection of classic shiny toys...

All the best. Aly

Robbie Rodiss said...

Missed the show for the first time ever Mark, hopefully you WILL put the Hintons on show next year. I never realised just how big a range it was. I also saw the piece about Newline, they DO look compatible. Give it a go.

DCAja said...

love it!