Sunday, 25 November 2018

Newline and Hinton Hunt

Yesterday at the Battleground show I took advantage of the 25% sale to pick up a few bits and pieces from Newline.

Newline figures are true 20mm and therefore smaller than Hinton Hunt figures.

Firstly I bought some British Lifeguard command to see if I could use them to with a unit of Hinton Hunt I had in pipeline.

I am going to use the Newline figures with Hinton Hunt horses.

The first and third figure are Newline with the second and forth being Hinton Hunt.

Side on view with a Hinton in the middle flanked by the Newline figures.

I think they mix very well and will look good once painted. I am going to get thus unit painted next.

This next image shows a Hinton Hunt horse next to a smaller Newline one

I also bought some Newline Limbers and horse teams.

Firstly a British RHA Limber with a Hinton Hunt Horse team and Newline riders.

A Prussian all Newline Limber, team and riders.

The Newline Horse team are smaller so will need a little Miliput to raise the height of the figure.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

The Newline match very well don't they !

Colin Ashton said...

Didn’t see you there Mark. You should have come and said hello.

Rob said...

They blend in very well - while the Newline horses don't look as tall (head height) the height of the saddle looks similar so you may have choose a base thickness depending on whether you want the horses or riders heads at the same level. Either way once painted it'll never show as colourful paint-jobs draw the eye away from the sculpts which why I think these old style figures still look so good.

Stryker said...

They are a surprisingly good match - a great solution if you have spare HH horses.

Mark Dudley said...

Better than I thought they would. The infantry are however much smaller.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Colin

I meant to come over for a chat but time run away. Spent too much time talking about classic Napoleonics and joining in participation games with my son Max.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Rob

Probably the biggest problem with Newline horses is the thiness of the forehead and muzzle.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Ian

They do mix well when mounted on HH horses. I am sure Sean at Newline will sell the figures without horses and thus coukd be a good source of trumpeters.

Wellington Man said...

I'm not sure if this is good news or not - buying Newlines would solve no end of problems, but it could have disastrous consequences for the lead pile!

Anonymous said...

Very useful post. I’d agree that the cavalry are a good match. The heights work out the same although Newline men have shorter legs. Unfortunately the Newline infantry are much smaller and don’t fit well which is a pity.

DCAja said...

love this!