Saturday 30 September 2023

Batthyányi Dragoons

I have completed my latest unit. These are the 7th Batthyányi Dragoons.

During the Seven Years war they were commanded by Heinrich Hartenberg.

I am using Acrylics to paint my Zinnfiguren. For shadow I use Acrylic inks with Burnt Umber and Sepia working well on horses. I use  grey ink to add a little highlight.

These figures are from Kieler set 1428  - Dragoons in Angriff (attack) and are certainly dynamic looking chaps.

I have started my next unit - the Mainz Lamberg Infantry.


John Ray said...

Great project. Wonderfully painted.


Neil Patterson said...

Very nice!

Donnie McGibbon said...

They have turned out really well, you painted them up really nicely, they look wonderful. Nice figures, great poses, full of action.

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Love these! And I am really enjoying your continued work with flats in general. One of my favorite Austrian cavalry units, so you know I have my own version in the collection.

Kind Regards,


Rob said...

Those figures are stunning, such great poses, full of life and everything a beau sabreur should be. You've really done them proud with your painting style being just perfect for them.

Aly Morrison said...

Looking the business there Mark…

All the best. Aly