Thursday 14 September 2023

Kieler Austrian Grenadiers

Occasionally Zinnfiguren do come up on Ebay in the UK. When a box of Austrian Grenadiers come along I made an offer and the troops have now joined my growing collection.

The figures came in their original box and where painted on the 31st Jan 1936.

Kieler produced many pre painted sets and this set is 589.  Kieler first produced figures in 1924 and you can still buy them today. 

This box was sold in Vienna and interestingly the shop still exists but no longer sells Zinnfiguren.

The box has still got it's original packaging and includes 18 infantry figures and a mounted officer. The painting is very basic however the only damages are two missing scarbards and one broken bayonet. Not bad for figures that are over 87 years old.

I gave one of the the figures an overnight bleach bath which stripped the old paint revealing the figure details hidden below. 

These figures are enough for two battalions of Austrian Grenadiers.


Rob said...

Looking forward to seeing them finished, all being in the same marching pose they'll look okay in line - the Puttkamer poses were just begging for a more animated grouping.

Donnie McGibbon said...

What a super find, the whole history of them is fascinating and that they are to get a new lease of life is absolutely brilliant.

tradgardmastare said...

A splendid find indeed! Looking forward to you getting these ready for the table top…
Alan Tradgardland

Der Alte Fritz said...

What a great find, one that comes with historical provenance . It's a tough decision on whether to keep them as "as is historical finds" or to strip them down and repaint them. The do look very nice and I look forward to following your progress as you build out your armies.